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C L I F T O N & V I C T O R I A have dedicated over 31,000 hours and 12 years relentlessly investing, learning, building and refining processes designed to uncover, unlock, and solidify individuals’ inner awakening, build practical pathways to attain their dreams, and cultivate themselves as embodied, mission-driven leaders.

From creating, scaling and running wellness-based startups and hackathons to managing entire hospital units of doctors, nurses and patients, Clifton & Victoria have a strong track record for persistence, accountability, compassion, and leadership.

Throughout their careers, they've consistently demonstrated the ability to support the growth of individuals, ideas and businesses through helping develop, train and coach many different types of clients and birth many different types of ventures.

Along their journey, they've gone through their own trials and tribulations and advised numerous other entrepreneurs, investors and executives on how to up-level their game.

They've journeyed beyond the beaten path to fuse business knowledge with spiritual and scientific wisdom.

They've paved paths into and studied with spiritual teachers from around the world in the areas of integrative health, energy healing, quantum research, powers of the third eye, embodiment training and neuroscience.

They utilize unique abilities of 'key making' and 'channeling', and create an expansive yet grounded space to explore the infinite possibilities that emerge.

It is through this process that they have developed their methodology for aligning clients to their most joyful expansion and helping them grow their ''beingness based' businesses.

In the field of all possibilities, Clifton & Victoria have the remarkable ability to direct your exact attention, emotional state and energy towards the key areas of breakthrough that could otherwise take years to realize.

Their ultimate mission is to help entrepreneurs, investors and executives up-level into 'Quantumpreneurs' and become even better leaders and stewards of consciousness and innovation for humanity, the planet and beyond.

In Our Own Words

Hi, I’m Clifton!

"From starting with the basics of business as a CPA to creating, scaling & running startups, I come from a firm belief that structure, process & persistence is critical to success. All of that was questioned, up-leveled and put into perspective and balance when I started awakening to the science behind non-linear creation, quantum entanglement & more.

On that journey, I expanded into recognizing the power of emotions and my empathic nature, which has led me to activate & embrace several unique abilities such as channeling.

My mission is to fuse the rational, linear with the magical & non-linear to facilitate your conscious growth, help you align to your dreams, & ground your vision into a business ready venture.

My unique gifts allow me to receive & integrate expansive cosmic wisdom into practical steps to help you build your business & your life one brick at a time. No idea is too 'out there', no dream is too complex. it’s all about one's capacity to align and hold the integrity of the core essence."

CPA (former Big-4 Accounting), MBA

Repeat Entrepreneur

Startup Advisor

Executive Coach

Quantum & Cosmic Channeler

Somatic Empath

Hi, I’m Victoria!

"From managing entire hospital units of doctors, nurses & patients to embarking on my own journey of self-discovery, entrepreneurship & conscious expansion, I came to realize that the blueprint for personal alignment, joy, success & well-being is unique for each person, &

that it lives within.

I realized for me to experience the life I wanted, I personally and consciously was responsible to create those steps to get there—steps that no one else would (or could) clarify or create but me.

My mission is to facilitate your journey to tap into the wisdom & guidance of your heart’s intelligence to uncover the clarity of who you really are, see beyond any external influences & conditioning & to awaken

to your joyful purpose.

My unique gifts allow me to unlock pathways to help you attain your vision of a fulfilling future—whether that be moving through any obstacles, reframing limiting beliefs or facilitating new practices to support your desired transformation."

Integrative Health Registered Nurse

Transformational Life Coach

Quantum Human Design Specialist

Reiki Master


'Key Maker'

Let’s upgrade y(our) possibilities together.

We are happy to explore the possibility of connecting,

collaborating or even being a part of our team.

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Sign up for our Newsletter to get helpful insights and updates on

how to take your next steps as a Quantumpreneur!

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