Below are the Faces of the Future and the Ventures they are creating.

The combination of people and projects we support create synergistic opportunities to elevate ecosystems and solve the highly complex, multi-dimensional challenges we as a collective are facing today.

Each person highlighted represents a Quantumpreneur In Resonance.

A 'Quantumpreneur In Resonance' is

+ a Quantumpreneur

++ creating a Beingness Based Business

+++ that naturally helps to realize the vision of Faces of the Future

++++ and embodies what it means to not just support themselves and their business, but also the ecosystem as a whole

Faces of the Future

of Health + Wellness

About Dr. Steven Schwartz

Dr. Steven Schwartz is a Chiropractor, published author, visionary technology designer, sound alchemist and regenerative medicine expert. He has been specializing in the advanced treatment of chronic illness, allergies, autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances since 2000 using exclusively energy and vibrational healing techniques and technologies. His company BioHarmonic Technologies is a marquee example of a Beingness Based Business, as Steven embodies what it is to be Dr. Vibe.

About His Company

BioHarmonic Technologies is the industry leader in vibroacoustic sound technology. We specialize in creating technologies and content that help raise the vibration of the planet and harmonize humanity using sound, light, frequency and vibration. The V.I.B.E.S. combined with Sonic-Ceuticals™ Music Albums from BioHarmonic Technologies is the most effective way for optimizing biochemistry through full body harmonic resonance vibration. With scientifically engineered tracks, this fully immersive multisensory system vibrates every cell in your body leaving you feeling relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.

Learn More About The Vibe 3.1 and 3.2

And bring the power of vibroacoustic sound technology into your home or office to experience the magic of sound and vibration.

Deep relaxation, enhanced mood, clear cellular memory, full body massage, cell regeneration and mental clarity.

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About Katarina Maloney

Katarina Maloney founded MCNB Holding as a byproduct of her own healing journey mixed with a powerful vision for the future of mental health.

Her persistent dedication to this vision along with an unwavering sense of conviction has led her to naturally embody being a Quantumpreneur and a major force in reshaping healthcare through innovation, cutting-edge practices and commitment to positive impact.

About Her Company

MCNB Holding Corporation is a Biotechnology Company with a focus in hemp, Cannabidiol (CBD), brain scan biotechnology, and clinical trials using cannabis and Psilocybin.

The first of the two main focuses include manufacturing, distributing, and selling hemp-derived CBD consumer products.

The second is a partnership with Labyrinth Sphere Incorporated to perform trip and micro-dose brain scan clinical trials with both CBD/THC and Psilocybin.

Prepare to be part of a mental health revolution!

Witness the future of mental healthcare unfolding before your eyes. Join us as we boldly shape the future of well-being and make a statement that resonates across generations.

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About Erika + Dario

Erika and Dario founded Kefir Lab as part of a shared vision to spread knowledge about the microbiome and the power of probiotics, in a delicious and fun way!

Fueled by their unique journeys to health, love for food and each other, this power couple is the epitome of what’s possible when you follow your joy and create a beingness based business.

About Their Company

Recent discoveries in medicine have unveiled the profound impact of a healthy gut on our mood, energy, and overall happiness through the gut-brain axis.

Good health begins in the gut. Improve your gut, brain and overall well-being with the most powerful, science-based and delicious probiotics.

Try The Kefir For Yourself

Choose either our vegan coconut based option or our high quality milk-based option.

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About Kevin Barker

Kevin Barker is an Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. He founded Palaka Botanicals to be a vehicle to help preserve the medical plants and medical traditions in Asia and beyond. While there may be numerous advances in wellness, some aspects have been firmly established for centuries. Part of the future of wellness is to preserve and uphold our ancient traditions.

About His Company

Palaka Botanicals was born out of the desire to create a sustainable business, based on high integrity, superior products, prosperity, and Land Stewardship. We see conscious entrepreneurship as one of the best tools to help us grow personally, spiritually, and in many other aspects of life.

It is our mission to provide our customers with the best botanical medicines possible, to heal and nourish their body, mind, and spirit, and to help protect their health in this ever-changing world.

We are committed to sourcing the best quality organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs available and giving back to the communities where they come from. We also pledge to give back to organizations that help protect and preserve medicinal plants as well as our beautiful earth.

Try His Botanical Medicines

From high quality shilajit to functional mushroom blend and more

Save 10% off when you use code FOTF10

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About Jummee Park

Jummee Park is a Medicine Woman, Food Shaman, Spiritual Fung Shui, and Bliss Activator.

She embodies a Quantumpreneur living her Total Life of Joy, turning her series of mysterious illness and suppressed misused memories (trauma) into her multiple businesses.

Following her passion, curiosity, and discipline over the decades, she fertilizes Eastern philosophies and Western wisdom of the leading world-class teachers to alkalize them into a unique blend of digestible holistic recipes for everyday bliss to turn on the SuperHuman Code to support conscious leaders and the community.

About Her Company

Embark on your wellness journey with her as she applies decades of bioregenerative, or biohacked, experiential wisdom. Think of it as bite-sized, digestible insights that will help you embody your body, mind, and spirit.

You'll engage in guided meditation, breathwork, ritual, affirmations, shamanic dreamscape exploration, Quantum Leap Therapy, and the transformative power of food as medicine.

Embark on your hero's journey

Beginning with a one-on-one, intimate, in-person/online program lasting one to three months. During this time, we'll set intentions, create action plans, and set your Inner Hero free.You are the Hero. Don’t follow, lead your future self now!

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About Erik Casano

Erik Casano is the founder of Aquarian Alchemy and a wellness coach, specialized in conscious connected breathing and emotional trauma release.

A joyous and caring soul, he has created this brand as a natural byproduct of his passion for helping others and exploring the power of consciousness within one’s self.

About His Company

Aquarian Alchemy is a wellness platform that offers practical breathing techniques to enhance your mind, body, and spirit. Our programs are designed to help you overcome emotional blockages with expansive awareness.

Our Practices: Breathwork, Meditation, Nutrition, Ice Baths and Lucid Dreaming

Breathwork & Lucid Dreaming 101

Get to know the key behavioral elements that affect your dream state in our transformative and groundbreaking 5-week online course.

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Faces of the Future

of Media + Events

About Michael Garrido

Mike Garrido played his first video game (Pokemon Red, Game Boy Pocket) in 1996 and first professionally developed & published a video game (Dice With Buddies, Facebook Game) in 2013. After founding, operating, and exiting a venture-backed game publisher (Prizm Labs), he consulted for businesses to enrich their teams and customers with creativity, connectivity, and harmony.

As a Faces of the Future quantumpreneur-in-resonance, he now leads Light Out Games to infuse the culture & business of video games with transparency & sustainability so all players of Earth may experience a total life of joy!

About His Company

We make transmedia, eco-conscious edutainment for the eternal child in us all.

Want to build an all-ages metaverse that gives back to the real world?

Let’s co-create the joyful, virtual worlds our hearts know are possible!

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About Chirag Sagar

Chirag Sagar went through Faces of the Future’s Quantumpreneur Academy programs to connect with his heart and better understand his personal mission. And as a natural byproduct, his venture focuses on helping people amplify and accomplish their own mission.

About His Company

Mission Matters has a full-service podcast agency. They have launched over 200 podcasts and have distributed over 70,000 pieces of content. They’ve been in business since 2016 and help entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises amplify their stories.

Beyond helping launch the podcast, they edit and distribute content on all major podcasting platforms, social media platforms and produce the podcast. They even create social media cuts to help with omni-channel content marketing to help you hit your goals.

Want to launch your own podcast?

Schedule a call with Chirag today!

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About Cosmo Scharf

Cosmo Scharf is an interactive storyteller at heart with an endless curiosity for what’s possible. For over 9 years he’s been a part of the movement to innovate and expand upon immersive tech experiences.

He was a co-founder of Mindshow, a VR animation studio that democratized the creation of 3D animation, organized VRLA, the world’s largest immersive technology expo, and his newest expansion is MovieBot, a 3D animation platform powered by generative AI.

About His Company

MovieBot generates videos effortlessly with AI and 3-D animation.

Simply describe your video and MovieBot Story Engine parses your prompt into a 3D world. Understanding story, characters, environment and areas of focus.

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Available for iOS & Android

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Faces of the Future

of Lifestyle + Prosperity

About Jen Esteban

After living with roommates for almost all of her adult life, Jennifer Esteban discovered how to make roommates an amazing lifestyle choice where we feel happy, supported, and fulfilled. After years of living in a successful model of it, she decided to expand what she knows so that others can create this for themselves.

Combining her cumulative experience and passions for photography, decor, community, family and social media (former MySpace), she created Friendsmates to make conscious co-living communities and on-ramps into affordable home ownership for the modern lifestyle.

Check out our podcast episode with Jen to get a deep dive into who she is, her journey and what she stands for.

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About Her Company

FriendsMates is an app that connects like-minded roommates with ideal homes and helps them increase their chance of having a good roommate experience. Our mission is to Revolutionize the Roommate Culture. By moving away from “living with strangers” and into “living with friends”, people will feel comfortable and supported in their home and be free to focus on what they want out of life!

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About Lucas Rubix

Lucas Rubix is a creator, mechanic, builder and trailblazer of multiple successful online businesses. His fascination with Crypto and Web 3 began during a 6-month hiatus while adventuring in Mexico, and it was ultimately fueled by the realization that the future of banking system is ready for an upgrade that supports the faces of the future.

About His Company

We’re a Crypto and Blockchain Research and Investment Company that’s committed to staying on the cutting edgeof Web 3.0.

We spend our days researching the cryptoverse, blockchain technologies, and the abundance of investment and income-producing opportunities available to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to escape our outdated financial system.

We love to teach and believe that giving is living. When we set out to build CryptoLabs, we made a commitment to creating easy to follow, quick to implement, and ‘nothing held back’ content and resources to help you become a savvy crypto investor and blockchain surfer. We aim to be transparent, real, and hold nothing back when it comes to revealing our investment holdings, strategies and philosophies.

Want some free Crypto goodies?

From free Investor Quickstart guides to free courses… we have a few goodies to help you get started.

Swing by our ‘freebies’ page and grab whatever you feel may serve you in your DeFi journey.

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About Clifton + Victoria

Clifton and Victoria empower, entrepreneurs, investors and executives to evolve into‘Quantumpreneurs’, high-performing leaders who uplevel into even better stewards of humanity, the planet and beyond.

About Their Company

The Quantumpreneur Academy is a series of coaching programs that empower, entrepreneurs, investors and executives to evolve into‘Quantumpreneurs’, high-performing leaders who uplevel into even better stewards of humanity, the planet and beyond.

Their milestone driven approach allows clients to proceed at the pace that feels right for them.

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