Purposeful Entrepreneurship

Achieve Quantum Success

Empowering struggling & successful entrepreneurs to unlock

untapped potential through spiritual & personal development.

We empower entrepreneurs, investors, and executives to become 'Quantumpreneurs': exceptional leaders aligned with their deepest desires for a total life of joy. Make the shift from struggle to alignment and success with our transformative coaching.

We create

powerful transformations

by combining:

Quantum physics

Heart coherence

Advanced wellness techniques

& Business expertise.

Our approach addresses all aspects of your life,

activating & aligning your personal & professional

goals for lasting joy.

Your "First Step" Transformation Includes:

1 Preliminary Self Discovery

3 Hour Session with 2 Coaches

30 Days Post Integration Process

Integration Strategy

1 Hour Victory Call

Meet Lucas R.

Serial Online Marketing Entrepreneur / Founder Crypto Labs Research

& Million Dollar Memberships

Activate & step Into Your Future



Connect to, clarify and embody your upgraded identity as a 'Quantumpreneur in Joy' and create the blueprints for your life, relationships and business venture.

Create and identify all the components needed for your self-prescribed 'Game Guide' for what success means for you. And then, step into your new identity and reality as your upgraded self.

Our series of Total Life & Personal Identity

'Re-brand' programs are right for you if you're desiring to become a more joyful, conscious and responsible: a) entrepreneur b) investor

c) executive or d) steward of resources for your family, community and future generations.



Move from ideation and blueprints into aligned action and resonant expansion as you and your entity take a Quantum Leap into the next steps of realizing your vision.

The Business Studio is here to help you with Strategizing, Launching, Aligning & Expanding your team and 'beingness based business' in a way that honors the original intentions you set.

We are here to help get you to where you and your business are inspired to go. Making sure that along the way, you have the right foundation and are focused on achieving the key milestones that will keep you and your venture thriving.



We know that at the core of your joy is the ability to be full of vitality on all dimensions of being. Further, we've seen that your vitality is the key to your prosperity.

We have incubated, developed and assembled cutting-edge, holistic, integrative and quantum energetic tools, services and experiences within our Wellness Studio to support your prosperity through optimizing your vitality.

Our joy is to share with you the tools, practices and combinations of modalities that have supported us and our clients. And in doing so, you'll have the opportunity to move towards self-mastery of your well-being, vitality and prosperity.

Let’s upgrade y(our) future together.

Our intention is to work with people every step of the way.

We have a proprietary and specific Stage-Gated approach that

allows clean, clear and concise ways to start and stop working with us,

and always in a way that allows us the possibility of working together again in the future.

Sign up for our Newsletter to get helpful insights and updates on how to take your next steps as a Quantumpreneur!

Sign up for our Newsletter to get helpful insights and updates on

how to take your next steps as a Quantumpreneur!

Headquartered in Topanga, CA

Co-creating the Quantumpreneur Ecosystem

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