Check out our on-site

Wellness Studio !

Check out our on-site

Wellness Studio !

Our Retreats are designed intentionally for those who wish to take a Quantum Leap in their life.

We offer a curated experience designed to help you feel a new energetic set point for how to live your life.  One that is balanced in nature and technology, sharing and giving, building and recovering, investing and receiving.

A Faces of the Future retreat is

+ a specific container of time, space, intentionality and curated experiences

++ for you to re-treat yourself: with self love and rejuvenation to receive inspiration and clarity

+++ a time for you to reconnect with the heart and soul of who you are and the joyful impact you wish to create through your beingness

Just like every Quantumpreneur has their own unique blueprint for a life a joy, so too do they have a unique desire for what their ideal retreat is.

Our retreats are:

  • Intentionally created from the beginning to end

  • Focused on resonating an energy of self-nurturing, support and joyful ease

  • Multidimensional in their experience

  • Designed to move you through an upgrade and integration of your consciousness

  • Intended to have you leaving rested, clear and excited about life

Our retreats are not:

  • An exhaustive list of activities

  • An over indulgence in food that makes you even more tired

  • Experiences that you need to recover from

  • Escapism based vacations disguised as wellness

  • Ungrounding experiences that leave you needing integration support

  • A magic pill that instantly solves all your problems

What it looks like:

  • Genuine connection: to yourself, your body, nature, food and facilitators

  • Reset your nervous system

  • Open your focus to the expansive scenery

  • Unwind and drop into your creative flow

  • Deep work where needed: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually

  • Experience the Hydration Station, Gyration Station, Vibration Station & Creation Station

  • Bring clarity, purpose and inspiration back to your vision and life or uncover the next steps to a joyful new vision you wish to experience

  • Facilitated process mixed with intentional introspection time

  • Balanced, organic, high vibe food

  • Nestled in the quaint Santa Monica Mountains, easily accessible from LAX and BUR airports and only moments from Los Angeles by car

Our Space

Beautiful Nature: we have a balcony, backyard, hillside garden, and a private deck above our house with jaw dropping views of Topanga to enjoy those sunrise views and glimpses of the morning mist rolling off the gorgeous hills. It’s excellent for yoga, working out, sunbathing, stargazing and introspection.

Quantum Energy Tools: we have a number of tools available for you to use to raise your vibration, increase energy and inspire creativity and flow, including a vibroacoustic therapy bed, vibraplate, red light therapy, and a structured water device. We also have supportive energies on the property for healing, grounding, abundance and entrepreneurship.

Intentional Rooms: we have specific rooms setup throughout the space designed to help you go through your transformation in whichever way suits you. Be it white-boarding with facilitators or quiet introspection in rooms with breathtaking views.

It’s the perfect recipe for your next intentional retreat.

Additional services include: private pickup from airport, Ayurvedically balanced meals and multiple modalities of body work

Other locations around the world are available upon request including Costa Rica, Bali, Croatia and Austria.


Start with connecting and consuming high-vibe water that showcases some of the best ways to optimize water in your body. Purified, structured, hydrongenized and reinforced with quantumly charged trace minerals.


Move that water through you and stimulate your lymphatic system. Tune into your body and allow your mind to relax as you gyrate on our vibration plate.


Move from the physical and mental to the emotional, spiritual and quantum level as you lie on our Vibe bed to clear and activate, and amplify your intention!


Once finished, return back to your waking state and integrate all that you experienced on the bed and activation. From there we can discuss the right next steps.

Retreat with your self

Invest in your self-love and an intentional experience to bring you to that place of centered joy, clarity and rejeuvenation.

Retreat with your partner

Whether it be your relationship partner or co-founder, bring the rejuvenation, clarity and joy to your relationship.

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Sign up for our Newsletter to get helpful insights and updates on

how to take your next steps as a Quantumpreneur!

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